I am an artist using sculpture, installation, mixed-media, & photographs to explore ideas of utopia through our relationships with the world around us.I like to create objects and scenarios often using sculptural forms, light, and performative elements with photography and film developing into an important part of this practice. I am excited by our individual and shared experiences of the world, for example, how film and media effect our views of places we have never visited and the common experiences we share because of the region or decade we grew up in. There is a current, and developing focus on holiday and escapism as forms of temporary utopia which will be the focus of this application.
I have exhibited widely in the South West and across the country including being Awarded a solo show for the South West Showcase in 2017 and being commissioned to create a nationally broadcast ident for ITV. One of my proudest achievements was the self initiated and funded ‘Im Westward Ho!’ an ambitious ‘mobile sculpture’ performance where I retraced a childhood journey across the country in a modified 1980s Volvo with a large neon arrow on the roof. Through my practice I have worked and developed strong relationships with various creative organisations including ITV, Cultivator, Newlyn & The Exchange, Exeter Phoenix, CAMP, Plymouth College of Art, Falmouth University, Karst, Flock South West, LOW PROFILE, Come Quick Disaster, Fish Factory Arts, Field Notes, CMR, Back Lane West and a range of freelance curators and commissioners including most recently receiving mentoring with Simon Morrissey of Foreground.
Through this mentoring I have developed a greater understanding of where I am in my practice, where I want to go and what I need to explore to develop my creativity and thoroughly explore the areas key to my practice.
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