Super Fun Tyre
18/07/24 – 22/07/24   11am-4pm
PV: 18/07 – 5-8pm
Pendennis Community Centre (Ships & Castles) – Falmouth 
AH is delighted to be working with Stuart Robinson on his latest exhibition Super Fun Tyre, a new installation of sculptural works occupying the drained swimming pool space in the former Ships & Castles leisure centre on Pendennis headland in Falmouth.
Super Fun Tyre explores childhood experiences of seaside holidays, and the objects, locations, journeys and landscapes key to these. The works present an opportunity for contemplating loss, nostalgia and these landscapes of fun – as well as the ways in which we seek joy and escape from the everyday - while celebrating the excitement and uniqueness of these sites.

Here the familiar decline of the recreational ‘fun’ spaces once deemed vital; the pleasure pools, promenades, piers and fun parks, are suggested by the disquieting space of the drained swimming pool. A space once resonant with laughter and fun, but lost to memory and nostalgia, forming a unique vessel for the artworks to occupy.

Presented within this exhibition are a combination of new and existing works, each combining together within this unique location to generate a shared narrative. Each piece holding a glimpse of the holiday experience; places, journeys, activities, memories and the resonance of fun times past, and how they now occupy the present.

Familiar signs and symbols form a recognisable thread throughout the exhibition; falling coins, the hexagonal construct of arcade machines, Las Vegas style signage, ephemera and artefact, neon tubes and cage like forms. The individual elements of the sculptures, exist within, through and around their caged confines alluding to ideas of protection and defending the memories they contain against an erosion that sometimes feels irreversible, questioning what we value, how we value it and what we choose to protect for the future.

Stuart lives and works in Penryn, Cornwall having studied Fine Art at the University of East London. He has created and shown work accross the UK. Most notable examples being the car based performance/sculpture artwork I’m Westward Ho!, South West Showcase at Mirror Gallery, Plymouth exhibitions at Auction House and Back Lane West in Redruth, SET in London, CAS in Andover and a commissioned ident broadcast nationally for ITV.
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