The Strip - Silver Gelatin Caffenol prints from 3D prints in sustainable PLA filament - 7”x5” 2022

The models explore seaside arcades and casinos and the relics of civilisations as depicted in Science Fiction and dystopian film and literature.  Inspired by John Fox’s discussion with Mark Fisher “There was some kind of collective image of overgrown and abandoned cities… exploring likely consequences and views of the unrecognised present” (Fisher, 2014) The supports autogenerated by the software have been left on, and printed with low resolution settings  to create a decayed/overgrown appearance. Shot on expired Ilford 35mm HPS 400 film and processed in Caffenol dev, and printed with Caffenol developer the outcomes have an aged look of a found document of a civilisation past. dust and scratches from the cruder processing left present, and sprocket holes showing the analogue stock contribute to this narrative.
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